Thursday, April 07, 2011

Downrigger dilemma

So how am I going to transfer the the line from the buoy to the downrigger???? I have no clue.
If I do it before the pulley, I have to have a connector small enough to pass through the guides which I want to keep.

In between the drum and guides, I could use a fairly large clip, but I have to lean way out and thread it through the guides and not tip over. Solution required!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rudy,
I rigged up something similar to use with one of Steve's kayak pots. I used a short heavy duty jigging rod instead of a downrigger though. I lock it into my rod holder and crank it up that way. I used some 80 lb halibut cord for line. To disconnect it from the reel I used a short piece of line that stays on the reel with a swivel that fit through the guides for a quick disconnect between the reel line and the line that I wanted to attach to the bouy. Maybe this would work for you if you had a longer section that stayed on the reel that you could pull back towards you instead of leaning over. The set up worked for me, but the reel I have is a Walmart cheapo that came with the rod. The weak drag was the biggest problem I had. I'm going to see about a getting a used heavier duty reel for this summer. I would have someone brace your kayak for you the first time you deploy the pot too. It really throws off your center of balance when the pot is weighted.

Rudy T said...

Thanks for the input. I made a bonhead mistake when i bought a cheap halibut reel. It was geared something like 5.2:1 so you just couldn't crank on it, The Old Penn's I think are like 2.3:1 so that might make it easier.

I think the downriggers are going to work great. I am also fashioning an outrigger for use during deployment and retrieval. I also decided to err on the side of safety and get the 360 deg mount.

April 15th!!! Probably won't make it until the weekend but I can't wait to try it out.

Rudy T said...

Okay. here's my solution. I'll post a pic when I have a complete set up ready to go by Wednesday...I hope.

The trick is going to be to tie a bimini twist know that effectively creates a loop at the end of the line. I am going to make that section of the double line 3 feet long. That enables to the line to be attached to the clip but a section of the doubled line will be out past the rollers where I can just clip the buoy on to the loop before I unclip the line to line connection.

This should work well. Now the only problem is I thought of this after the fact so I only have loop to loop connections on the first section. Well I guess we'll test both methods.