Monday, April 11, 2011

Outriggers and Downriggers.

A LOT of extra stuff making its way on to the Yak! I can't bring too much more.

The biggest concern for me was "As out of shape as I am, am I really going to be able to lift 2 pots up from 300 to 600 ft??????"  I could just envision myself being so tired, that I just drop them back and wait to get a boat ride from one of my friends.

Well I am glad to announce my first test was a great success!  I wanted to improve the connections between the sections of lines so I reewound the first 200 yard section back on to the halibut reel.  Then I connected the line back up to the downrigger and set the drag on the halibut reel medium tight (I could still pull line off of it without wrapping it around my hand).

I timed myself reeling in 200 yards/600ft of line with the downriggers with drag on the reel and it took me less than 4 minutes at a sustainable pace.  In fact I stopped several times to make sure the line was winding on straight.  That is every bit as fast as my friends pulling up pots with their electric pullers.  Of course they have more and bigger pots but... Confidence level is HIGH!

Ok, so here's my outrigger solution.  Keep in mind I don't need this while moving any distance.  I am only going to deploy it when I am raising and lowering pots.

Equipment list:
10 ft telescoping buoy hook
2 shrimp floats
schedule 80 pvc pipe 3/4"
one sched 40 pvc T (but not sure about this weak link yet)

Basically screwed the pipes together after slamming a 12 inch pvc pipe into the floats.  barely got it deep enough for my comfort.  My put some goop in their and drive them in further.  That foam is HARD!

I wish I had a machine shop but I don't!  Drills a hand saw, sawzall, and a few pliers is about it.

Use Velcro to strap it on.

Then velcro it to the Kayak.    The plastic loops are very flexible but are definitely the weak link in this system. I bet it snap if I don't reinforce. Not sure how to do that yet. Waiting to see if the adhesive on the back of the velcro will hold on the kayak for more reinforcement.  If it doesn't stick, I may just goop and rivet it on.  Function over Form!

So it's going to be mounted on the other side.  The length is fully adjustable.  Once I get the weak connections beefed up.  I should be able to stand in it...maybe.  I would think with the arm extended that far out, it'd be hard to tip over thee other way.  I think a big wake might be a problem if I took it broadside if it was extended that far....hmmmm....

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