Wednesday, April 13, 2011

OUT OF TIME!!!!  ARGH! Too many things to do, not enough time.

So I have been tapping the collective knowledge of the forums on the Northwest Kayak Anglers home pages.  Lots of good info.  A lot of it do to the fact the members not only report the good stuff but their epic fails so no one has to repeat them again.  As they gave me suggestions I kept thinking "ok, that is good, but might not apply to my issues."  Then the final temporary solution turns out to be a compilation of 4 or 5 of their suggestions.  So thanks to everyone over there that helped out.

So the temporary solution is this....

Found a piece of hard wood flooring.  Cut it into a sort of t shape like suggested by the Cobra Anchor guide on the forums.  Need to go get things to secure it but I have figure out its stable enough even with just bungie cords.  But I will do it right.  Going to use a temporary wood platform as suggested by several members to make sure its where I want it if I ever decide to go to some more permanent and pricier solution.

The T up front is just wedged under the handle.  It is as good as being pinned their except its on the very end.  It won't move up but it will tip up. Maybe I can notch it a touch to stop lateral movement.   Velcro maybe...I like that stuff!

Time to drill the mounts for the holes.  I sure hope this works!

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cedarslodge said...

How fascinating. I love the way you wrote up this post, very informative.

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